Friday, June 11, 2010


"Ring Return and Update blog ... what?"

A few words of explanation ... up until now, when I've returned visitors to "Monday Never Comes" via my global ring return system, I've sent them to an anchor tag marked location in one of my earlier posts, with the hope of landing them ring atop html versions of the code for the rings MNC is on, with a link to a page carrying the javascript versions of the ringcode. That hasn't been working out so well, for a while, because the page has been feeding in slowly, often leaving the visitor somewhere other than where he should be. Something had to be done about that.

Note the absence of feeds on this relatively austere looking blog, and the fact that the link taking the visitor back to the rings that include MNC take him to the top of the first post on this miniblog, with the full code for the memberships being found at the foot of the blog, and a link back to the ring entry page for MNC being found right in the body of the post. There's nothing to miss, no matter how slowly the blog loads. Which I hope won't be too slowly.

Not that this is going to be a two post blog. There are a number of pages associated with Monday Never Comes, other than this blog, and there are readers who might want to follow just that blog, while perhaps not being as interested in anything else that I write. This small side blog will be written with those people in mind. On it, I will discuss, in greater detail, updates to the pages associated with MNC and only those pages, linking to this blog for more detail when those pages are mentioned on my social networking site update list, which can be reached via a few different pages (1 |
2). As a few dozen people have signed up for the Mybloglog communities for my soapbox (MNC) already, there might be some interest in this material.